As an employer, the welfare of our employees is extremely important to us;
after all, only motivated employees take pleasure in their work and produce efficient results.


Personalised training programme

One of our main aims is to give our employees thorough and structured training in their field of work. Every new employee completes "Training on the Job" – an individually developed training programme covering specialist content as quickly as possible. We also offer ongoing introductory events, which help new employees to quickly learn about the organisation of the company.

In the first few weeks, a mentor will be on hand as your personal contact. He or she will help you integrate into the company quickly and easily. To ensure that you feel comfortable in your role, a progress meeting will be held after a few months. This completes the induction phase at our company.

Employee benefits and health management

Providing our employees with safe and modern workplaces is just as important to us as fair and performance-related pay. TYROLIT also offers attractive employee benefits.

Three trained HR professionals look after the health and safety of our employees. This enables us to go above and beyond the legal stipulations.

We are also a strong community Outside working hours too. This is demonstrated, for example, by the performances put on in our own theatre and by the TYROLIT sports club. Such activities foster team spirit in our employees' free time.