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With the MoveSmart Technology, TYROLIT machines are connected to the Internet for the very first time. The technology processes real-time user data directly at the construction site and makes it available on various end-user devices.

The cloud-based MoveSmart Technology was developed in collaboration with the Austrian start-up ToolSense and provides users and business owners with important machine and usage data, helping them to get the most out of their equipment.

Service hours, error reports and pending software updates, for instance, can be recalled anywhere and at any time. This enables better planning, as well as faster and more cost-efficient operation based on real data.

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Smart move!


The more you know about your machine, the more efficient will be its usage. This is why the TYROLIT MoveSmart Technology can display the current machine status, as well as locate it, indicate error sources, and suggest emergency aid for repairs. Additionally, MoveSmart offers diverse statistics like operating time, application information, contract status, job planning, fleet planning, and many more.

Enter a service request for your machine and stay up to date regarding the status of your service ticket.

Better planning, increased productivity,
lower costs

Increased productivity

The collected machine and user data allow for better and more efficient job planning. 

Less downtimes

The data-based job and maintenance planning minimises downtimes.

Targeted product development

Machine development is even more user-oriented.

Location data

In case of a breakdown, the nearest machine of your pool can be located in an instant. The same is valid for stolen machines. 

Usage statistics

MoveSmart offers information about the area of application and type of usage of the machine, which leads to a more efficient operation at the construction site.

Maintenance control

Maintenance work and updates are done in due time and are easier to plan. Service appointments can be booked online and expiry dates of service contracts are always accessible. 

Lower costs

Costs are reduced through punctual services, better job planning, and on-site troubleshooting.

Increased machine safety

Machines are constantly scanned for important updates and maintenance intervals can be planned right on time. 

Online support

In addition to the online error indication, user manuals and safety manuals are conveniently available online.

Faster troubleshooting

Error analysis and support via the app enable direct troubleshooting at the construction site. The collected data helps to identify and solve problems faster.

Open platform

Adding non TYROLIT- or adding non IoT assets is possible and enables the full control of your hole fleet.

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Optimal deployment planning and maximum efficiency

Asset Management

  • Inventory list
  • Inventory of machines of third-party suppliers
  • Construction site planning
  • Calendar Reservation
  • Saving documents & certificate’s
  • Advanced Rule Engine
  • Access to Dashboard
  • Mass import of assets

Service & Tickets

  • Management of the service contracts
  • Access to error and event history
  • Error detection and rectification*
  • Handling of service request and tickets


  • GPS location detection*
  • Access to telemetry data*
  • Anti-theft protection*
  • Various operating statistics*
  • Download of collected machine data*

Rights- & User Management

  • Creation of additional users
  • Rights management and extended user management

Business Features

  • Individual company design
  • API for data integration into existing operating software

*Installed IoT Module required

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Service management

  • Report your error directly from your construction site to our service center and help us to understand your needs in deep. This will lead to better, faster and targeted problem solutions.
  • Do you need an inspection or an annual service? Book your service ticket directly from your smartphone and speed up the service time.



Find error descriptions as well as troubleshooting solutions in the app. Reporting your troubles directly from the construction site helps us to understand your needs.

Service Booking

Book your next service directly out of the app and hand over the information we need. This helps us to react faster and gives us the opportunity to keep you up to date regarding the status of your created service request.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store



Your service requests at a glance. The ticket section on the MoveSmart webfront-end offers an overview of your service requests. Keep an eye on them and check the status of your machine service. Additionally, the service ticket will be added to your machine history – this gives you a complete documentation over the whole machine life cycle.



How to Sign Up?

  1. Go to and press "Sign Up"

  2. Enter your personal details and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service 

  3. Enter the details of your organization

  4. Press the activation link in your mailbox to complete the registration
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