Can you make something outstanding even better? Yes, you can! After a complete redesign, we present the second generation of the lightest wall saw in its performance class.

Thanks to the integrated design of the WSE811 MKII the saw head, control unit, and drive unit are all being combined into a single package, allowing for operation with only one power supply and one single water connection. In combination with the weight-optimized system components this wall saw stands for easy set-up and take down and highest mobility. The powerful P2® drive perfectly teams up with TGD® wall saw blades, delivering unmatched cutting performance in most cutting tasks.

Perhaps no lighter, but definitely better.

The new generation WSE811 MKII is now also suitable for blade diameters up to 825 mm and cutting depths up to 335 mm. Optimised system components enable even easier handling combined with reliable performance. The rail guide and the rail system have been completely redesigned for maximum stability and cutting accuracy, and the blade guard, protection cover and swivel arm also have a new look.

Impressive upgrade

Sturdy protection cover made from black anodised aluminium for absolute tightness

Swivel arm with new labyrinth seal and sliding ring in chromium steel

Much lighter rails with maximum stability



New blade guard design: synchronously running, compact and light



Application advantages of the WSE811 MKII


The fully-integrated design and the weight-optimised system components allow for highest mobility and easy set-up. 


The enhanced electronic feed control in combination with the outstanding power of the P2® drive unit deliver unmatched cutting performance within the 16A range.


With its permanent magnets the P2® Technology reduces the maintenance costs and machine load.

Technical data

Saw blade
Max. cutting depth 335 mm
Max. saw blade Ø 825 mm
Free detachable up to Ø 700 mm
Blade flange mounting Central screw
Saw blade fixing (flush cuts) 6 countersunk head screws, 90 mm graduated circle
Electric motor and control unit
Water-cooled high-frequency motor
Output at 16 A 9 kW
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz

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