Peripheral Wheels For Automotive Glass

Pencil edge, V shaped and special profile

TYROLIT offers an extensive range of diamond wheels for edge grinding of windscreens, side windows, backlites, sunroofs and rear view mirrors. Tools suitable for all existing processing lines. Various grits and bonds for all customer requirements.

  • High processing speed
  • Minimum start-up time
  • Low dressing frequency
  • Long lifetime between reprofilings
  • High stock removal with clean edge grinding

Diamond Drills For The Automotive Industry

With and without countersinks

Diamond drills for automotive glass from TYROLIT are available in all required diameters (from 3 to 50 mm) and main standard fittings. The accurate production process provides a precise and consistent drill size for all high-performance CNC machines to grant accurate and chip-free holes.

  • High drilling speed
  • Quick start-up process
  • Extremely high drilling accuracy
  • Long lifetime
  • Low dressing frequency

HALO: single use automotive glass grinding wheel

Edge grinding of windshields, side windows, backlites and sunroofs.

With the HALO product line, Tyrolit defines a new concept for edge grinding of automotive glass. As well as high process speed, low dressing frequency and a clean edge, the design of a single use wheel offers several new advantages and added value compared to a standard repeatedly reprofiled wheel.

  • Minimum startup time
  • Machine set up minimized
  • Improved performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Economic advantage

SAVA-Active: Automotive abrasive stick

Dressing of diamond wheels for automotive glass

The innovative Tyrolit abrasive stick has been designed to obtain improved quality and efficiency in the performance of diamond wheels in grinding glass for the automotive glass industry.

  • Improved lifetime of diamond tools up to 25%
  • Improved quality and finishing of the glass edge
  • Increased productivity / reduction of scrap